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Network strategy

Our network solution is a powerful modelling tool extensively used for strategic projects to locate and fully cost optimal warehouse sites. We regularly maintain several key supply chain cost databases.

Evaluating warehouse locations

We provide a framework for evaluating warehouse location including the number, location and size of warehouse facilities and identify “Gold” sites when searching for a new warehouse location. We include current capacity constraints in the evaluation and utilise a database of current costs for regional land values and labour costs.

Key areas of use

We compare alternatives to research a new warehouse location, sizing a new warehouse to meet future requirements and reviewing the service possibilities of alternative network configurations. We also plan an investment strategy to meet future growth plans and can re-organise delivery territories, subject to capacity restrictions.

Logical and practical approach

We employ a logical and practical approach with an intuitive, simple user interface when interacting with our software which was developed using Microsoft development tools. The software can export Excel reports and Map graphics with Warehouse location maps. Costs are regularly updated by Model Logic’s specialist partners.