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Routing and scheduling

Our routing tools can be used for both vehicle scheduling and sales representative visits, enabling the optimum allocation of territories.

Establishing operation costs

Model Logic provides a framework for establishing fleet size and operating costs. This allows customer time windows to be included in the vehicle routing providing quality routes to meet the constraints of time, volume and weight.

Establishing operating costs

Model Logic’s routing system can be used to review fleet size and current vehicle routing methods, assess changes in customer delivery time windows and establish new routes after changes to delivery territories. We can compare the costs of using satellite depots versus two day trips, conduct reviews of delivery days and frequency, and assess the impact of the working time directive.

Robust vehicle routing

Your company benefits from robust vehicle routing with intuitive and easy to use software – based on Microsoft development tools providing detailed reports and map based graphics such as Vehicle routing maps. As with our other services, these are implemented and supported by experienced consultants.