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Through the simulation modelling process clients can gain a better understanding of an existing system or a proposed new one. A simulation model can be as small as an individual machine or as large as a complete warehouse site.

Simulation examples

Model Logic has undertaken simulation projects within factory and warehouse environments, stores and call centres, including automated warehouse operations and control systems, vehicle movement control on complex distribution sites, factory processes and equipment design.

Warehouse simulation

Modelling of warehouse operations has been proven over the last ten years. Simulation models are used to establish the number and type of resources, such as trucks, cranes and picking equipment. Other uses have involved reviewing or prototyping the logic for the warehouse control systems.

Site simulation

Avoiding congestion or queuing at production or warehouse sites can be achieved by using a site simulation model. Key decisions may involve the number of load and unload docks, the site management control logic, the use of shunter vehicles and parking bay layout.