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Site evaluation

We have developed a modelling approach for the evaluation of site configurations at different levels of throughput for factories, warehouses, supermarkets and car parks.

Warehouse Build Costs

We establish warehouse build costs based upon actual designs for various sizes and heights of warehouse and provide elemental cost comparisons. Costs are researched with leading quantity surveyor and we can assist in the tendering process with potential contractors.

Site Operations

Model Logic provides a framework for evaluating site logistics from alternative site layouts including traffic, pallet movements and all handling points on site. We quantify congestion and queuing risks and report on the effect of various resourcing plans. We also evaluate the benefits of your investment.

Warehouse Operational Design

Model Logic’s Design and Cost Model compares operating costs between alternative storage and handling technologies for different levels of throughput. We evaluate a specific warehouse type in terms of space, manning, capital and operating cost and utilise a database of current costs.