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Finding partners for logistics services or sales and marketing

Model Logic has been involved in many tendering projects, helping to select partners for distribution, warehousing, transport, building construction and MHE systems.

Identifying Partners

Many companies outsource their warehouse and transport operations to logistics service providers (LSPs). Some companies also outsource the sales and marketing function as well. There is also a trend towards companies sharing their resources with other like minded companies but how do you know which company to choose and who can be relied upon?

Third Party Support

Identifying the ideal partner and creating the correct contractual framework is key to successful implementation, ongoing performance and profitability. Model Logic has extensive experience of third party logistics service providers, enabling us to guide the correct choice of supplier. We can help support the selection or tendering process in a number of ways.


The stages might include the preparation of a requirements and contractual documents, preparing a shortlist of potential partners, management of the selection process, including the evaluation of the submissions. We can also provide further support during any commissioning and implementation periods, thus ensuring service levels can be maintained within an agreed cost framework.

Project examples:

  • Selecting Logistics Service Providers (LSPs)
  • Selecting Sales, Marketing and Distribution Agents (SMDs)
  • Identifying opportunities for strategic partnerships (shared operations)
  • Selecting MHE suppliers