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Synchronise and optimise supply chain planning

Benefits are manifested through faster deliveries, reduced lead times and obsolescence.

Right Place, Right Time

Most companies now have advanced systems for sales and operations planning, forecasting, inventory and production planning but there are many opportunities to improve the results from these systems by monitoring, analysis and tuning of the control parameters.

Models and Prototypes

Model Logic can provide objective analysis and support for assessing the performance of supply chain planning systems. Where standard planning tools have not been available to clients, we have developed bespoke models and prototypes.

Forecast Accuracy and Inventory

Model Logic has developed a number of tools to evaluate the performance of supply chain planning processes, particularly in the areas of forecast accuracy and inventory management. Work has also been undertaken on the planning and reviewing of promotions.

Project examples:

  • Reviewing the performance of demand forecasting and inventory planning systems
  • Selecting sales and operations planning systems
  • Evaluating promotion planning processes
  • Review of collaborative planning opportunities
  • Calculating ideal safety stock policies