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Supply chain services for small businesses

Finding logistics solutions for small businesses is often harder than for larger ones as they don’t have the critical mass to create low cost operations, but Model Logic can help identify the best solution for each business.

Appropriate Solutions

If logistics service providers are used, it is more likely that shared user services rather than dedicated ones will prove more cost effective. Demand forecasting and management of stock is more difficult due to the smaller volumes. Small companies may not have the financial resources to employ full time logistics and planning personnel.

Experience and Advice

Model Logic has a wealth of experience in planning all aspects of supply chain activities, which makes an attractive one stop shop for small companies. We have developed in-depth knowledge of the UK grocery sector, including producing profiles of the major multiples, independents, convenience and specialist businesses. In addition we have partners who can provide advice on sales and marketing, packaging, IT and finance.

Irish Food Board

Model Logic has been working with the Irish Food Board, helping small Irish food and drink companies to market and distribute their products into the UK. This has involved helping the Irish companies to find partners for both marketing and distribution support. We have a portfolio of tools to help small companies to plan their operations at strategic, tactical and operational levels.

Project examples:

  • Selecting Logistics Service Providers (LSPs)
  • Selecting Sales, Marketing and Distribution Agents (SMDs)
  • Development of customer profiles and market information
  • Review of forecasting and inventory management
  • Selecting LSPs for export to Europe