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A better health service with Uniphar!

Leading Irish pharmaceutical supplier to community and hospital pharmacies, dentists and veterinary surgeries has built on previous route evaluation work with Model Logic, and has subsequently installed the latest bespoke Model Logic Vehicle Routing System.

The requirement was driven by the merger of two businesses in which a complex re-routing exercise was undertaken, and due to the short time scales involved, a vehicle routing model was commissioned.

In brief the model operates between strict delivery time windows and order cut off times managing 33,000 deliveries per week across the Irish Republic from four sites.

The main benefit is that the model provides a fast, detailed solution which enables better understanding of the time sensitivities of the transport problem, and provides operational costing and resource planning for alternative customer allocations and delivery times.

Paul Dillon, Uniphar Engineer, said:
“The model makes life easier. We can now play with different scenarios and which give us answers quickly unlike previous systems where the workload involved was too great to consider these options”