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Planning for growth is an exciting prospect, but when substantial financial commitments in a new warehouse are required then the management of the risks of the investments must be carefully considered. The client’s existing warehouse had come to the end of its useful life and a new site was identified which required fitting out with storage and handling equipment. Model Logic worked with the client to create future growth projections which were then converted into storage and handling requirements.

The client’s products included wines and spirits which were being sold mainly to restaurants, hotels and off licences across the UK, on a B2B basis. One of the key, planned growth areas was for home deliveries, on a B2C basis. The various product combinations for the B2C business required different equipment configurations in the warehouse for which there were various levels of sophistication for picking and possible automation. A major element of the design process was to develop a time phased plan for kitting out, based upon how the future growth would unfold. This meant that investment would be synchronised to meet requirements with appropriate equipment being installed to meet specification at the time it is required.